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Index of Poems

The 24 autism poems on this blog are now in a book. The title was originally going to be CircleQuirk but I decided to change it to First…Then… after the most popular poem in the collection.

Cover image of book First... Then...

The book First… Then…

The book was published in April 2012 (Autism Awareness Month) by Ginninderra Press. Several of the poems have since appeared in anthologies (details here and here) and the book also recently won an award. If you would like to buy the book, you can either ask your local independent bookseller to order you a copy, or buy direct from the publisher.

Here is a Table of Contents linking to the poems in the order they appear in the book (which is different to the order in which they were written and posted on this blog).

So here ’tis. Enjoy. And I should remember to thank ArtsACT for supporting me one day a week while I wrote the poems.

First… Then… | poems from planet autism

Table of Contents

ACT Govt Logo

Poetry appearing on this blog was generously supported by the ACT Government


Brain Weather

Autistic Acrostic

Beach cricket with four year old

autistic child with acute auditory processing disorder

what the child hears

I prefer

What I learned at school

Asperger’s diagnosis: a fugue

Not the Botany Bay Song

A prehistory of autism

On holding the baby of a friend


Social Stories for Neurotypical Adults #27: No Dogs Allowed

All magpies are autistic

The impossible blindfold

Love song of autistic husband

An autistic woman explains the terror of affection

Shechinah – or God and Temple Grandin


I have autism

I am autistic




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