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Image of First... Then... the book

First… Then… the book

The book of this blog, First… Then… (Ginninderra Press, 2012), is available from both Amazon and from the publisher’s website.

  • To buy from Amazon, follow this link. (the formatting was too tricky for e-book conversion, so only paperback format is available).
  • To buy from the publisher, go to Ginninderra Press , scroll aaaaallll the way down to Melinda Smith, find my third book ‘First… Then…’ and click BUY NOW.

(Of course the best thing you can do to get hold of any of my books is approach your nearest independent bookseller and ask them to order it in for you. That way, they stay in business and you save on postage. However Amazon remains the most cost-effective way for non-Australian readers to get hold of the book).

About the book

First…Then… is a short collection of 24 poems about autism, written by the mother of a son with ASD. The poems explore many different voices from planet autism – from verbal and non-verbal autistic children, to autistic men and women, to parents, carers and siblings. Some are moving, some are harrowing, and some are laugh-out-loud funny. Together they provide a unique window into a much misunderstood facet of the human experience.

The writing of the poems in First…Then… was supported by an ArtsACT new projects grant during 2011.  During that time the poems were drafted, redrafted, posted on this blog, and Tweeted and Facebooked to within an inch of their lives. Some of them were also published in other places (Tony Attwood’s website, Scottish Autism’s blog, Aspie in the Family, Quadrant Magazine, Blackmail Press, Geek Mook and ACT Carers’ Circle, to name a few – thanks to everyone involved for their support).

Now the poems are between two covers and ready to make their way out into the real world. Maybe they’re coming to your house ? I hope so.

PS: You can take a sneak peek inside the book by browsing around this blog. Start here. Enjoy.

Other (non-autism-related) poetry books

If you are interested in any of my other books, here are details of how to get them on Amazon and elsewhere online:

Pushing thirty, wearing seventeen cover

Pushing thirty, wearing seventeen


Mapless in Underland

Alternatively, you can still buy these two from the Ginninderra Press website, with postage starting from $4 within Australia. Scroll ALL THE WAY down to the authors whose surnames start with S.

My latest book, Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call (Pitt St Poetry, 2013) is available on the Pitt Street Poetry site, for only $2 postage within Australia and $5 elsewhere. This book came out with a bigger publisher, is a little bit fancier, and won the 2014 Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Award for poetry.

Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call cover

Drag down to unlock or place an emergency call


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