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First…Then… the book

In News on January 30, 2012 at 2:38 pm

So the 24 autism poems on this blog are going to be in a book. The title was originally going to be CircleQuirk but I have changed it to First…Then… after the most popular poem in the collection.

The book is coming out in April 2012 (Autism Awareness Month) and will be published by Ginninderra Press. At that point I will be taking most of the poems down and providing a link to where you can buy the book.

Between now and then they will remain here, free of charge for anyone to read (still copyright (c) Melinda Smith though 🙂 ). While they are all still here, I thought it might be helpful to have a Table of Contents page linking to the poems in the order they appear in the book (which is different to the order they were written and posted on this blog in).

So here ’tis. Enjoy. And I should remember to thank ArtsACT for supporting me one day a week while I wrote the poems.

First… Then… | poems from planet autism

Table of Contents

ACT Govt Logo

Poetry appearing on this blog was generously supported by the ACT Government


Brain Weather

Autistic Acrostic

Beach cricket with four year old

autistic child with acute auditory processing disorder

what the child hears

I prefer

What I learned at school

Asperger’s diagnosis: a fugue

Not the Botany Bay Song

A prehistory of autism

On holding the baby of a friend


Social Stories for Neurotypical Adults #27: No Dogs Allowed

All magpies are autistic

The impossible blindfold

Love song of autistic husband

An autistic woman explains the terror of affection

Shechinah – or God and Temple Grandin


I have autism

I am autistic



  1. […] but after a while I realised the book had such a specific audience that it really needed its own blog.  I also provided a link to the other blog over there in the side bar but have not been very good […]

  2. […] Colquhoun read an early draft of one of the poems in 2010 and told her that it needed to be a book. You can catch a sneak preview of the book here and Melinda’s general poetry blog is […]

  3. […] this blog you can browse some of the poems in the book. If you like what you see, why not buy it ? A great Christmas / Holiday season present for someone […]

  4. Poem about life with autism-
    if I was to sum it up
    •depression•anxiety•overwhelming panic.
    Heightened emotions which depression encompasses everything that you think of on a daily basis.
    What can I do to fit the mould of society, ANXIETY is my erosion of the dam that I create to keep at bay the reality of my miserable existence before I put on my kendoll smile and leave for an interview after lying on my resume so I’m not judged immediately or treated as a third class citizen as I begin to overshare, sweat, then pass out for the second interview of the week.
    Why are we autists so damaged many people often beckon?OVERWHELMING PANIC is something we can’t turn off, it festers like bacteria in the wound slowly killing and eating away at you so much that suicide is a comfort,
    one must often want to stay in bed and sleep if that’s how you feel; ahh yes sleep would be great but insomnia is the bane of our existence as we often can’t stop thinking, or run through what our life could have been had we had a strong charisma and social skills like those we see running around outside playing as we lay in bed crying as nobody seems to notice having autism is to be tortured on a daily basis …..and after 32 hours awake we finally drift to sleep, for two hours!!

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