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autism crumpets

In Autism Poem on October 25, 2011 at 7:42 pm
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I have been having fun with anagrams this week. Did you know there are 107,143 possible anagrams of the words ‘autism spectrum’ ? I picked a few of my favourites and made a poem for you. It does actually make a kind of alien sense if you read it through like you would a normal poem – as a story told from the outside, from the perspective of observers and carers.

By the way, pica (mentioned in the poem below) is a condition where a person has an appetite for things that aren’t food – e.g. soil, nails, paper, etc. Some ASD folks have pica in addition to their other challenges. Note it is different to oral sensory-seeking behaviour where the person sucks and chews things – with pica, they actually want to eat them.

PS : If you want some anagram fun of your own, go play with the internet anagram server.


autism crumpets

Static ‘me’ rumpus.
Imp tutu screams.
Mute. Strums. Pica.
Eat up! Mm! Tics-r-us.
Mute Mac purists.
Um…miscast erupt?

Up came mistrust
(rips Mum acutest).
Impact: muse rust.
Tacit ‘summer’s up’
captures its Mum.

Sure must impact,
must impact user.

Mum stirs teacup.

  1. Ooh! Not bad! 🙂

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