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Brain weather

In Autism Poem on August 12, 2011 at 1:19 pm
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This poem is in the voice of a parent / carer / friend of an autistic child, looking on helplessly while the child has a total meltdown.

In case you’re wondering, the extra spaces are intentional.

Brain Weather

:autistic meltdown ground zero

Think of                hemispheres:    Western, Left;
the wind-flows                 that connect them; the currents                       of sea; of electricity.

When was  it that             your frontal        lobe
Cauterized          itself against your       will
leaving  you endless       atomised local                   storms
with no way       to blow them    -selves out?

The last words you          said before the clouds came
stutter on            your small           tongue;
settle    in like cat-and    -dog rain, the syllables
hammering down, fixing one      thought with      a dozen stabs of lightning.

The miracle is not that it                stops, but how afterwards you can be so              calm and charming
– and puzzled that the rest of us still        drip and shiver from the rain.

  1. It is amazing to me, how just knowing that someone else knows makes it easier to bear that which feels unbearable. And that’s why we need poetry, how it saves the world one small poem at a time. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much for your comment Rita. That is why I wrote the poem – to help people living through this (like me and you) realise they are not alone. You have inspired me to keep going with more poems.

  2. […] to spread awareness of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including the title poem, Autistic Acrostic, Brain weather, and more recently I prefer, which will soon appear in the conference program booklets for the […]

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