(c) Melinda Smith 2011

Twitter poems about autism

In Autism Poem on August 5, 2011 at 4:27 pm

Since getting onto Twitter two months ago (yes, I know, a little late…) I have been exploring the 140-character format, complete with #hashtags, as a way of writing condensed poems.  My autism twitter poems are collected below. The are not exactly twaiku, but I think they’re still kinda punchy.  The slashes between phrases show where the linebreaks would go if Twitter allowed linebreaks. I’ve been struggling with what to call them. Autistweets? Suggestions welcome…

my boy perches on the pool’s edge/flapping his wet hands/people are staring/he sees only me, and grins:/’I caught an imaginary trout’ #ASD

#micropoetry #ASDparenting #firsteverjointsleepover Both sons away tonight/after 7 years/I don’t recognise this quiet/or this calm

#autism #newdiagnosis #bewilderment with that one word/a glass wall traps me/i thump and plead/the doctor looks away

The arrivals board/says my plane has landed/your brother hugs me/you won’t let us go home/the cascading numbers/are too beautiful #ASD

#micropoetry #ASD #autism #anxiety “I still have a ‘drenaline feeling'”/so I walk u down the hall/7 years old & terrified/of Bugs Bunny

#ASD #autism How about this one, madam:/calm to chaos in 60 seconds/looks like a Ferrari/handles like a submarine/oh and we lost the manual

4 years old/you splinter doors with your rage/There are questions I dare not ask now/One starts with the number 14/another with 40 #autism

locked out of our new house/I scrabble at flyscreens. You shriek./Note to self: explain #autism to the neighbours/before they call the cops


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